Loo of the year at Dalton Park

Our loos are Platinum!

Monday 6th June 2022

Our toilets have been officially crowned ‘Platinum Loo of the Year’ and ‘Eco Loo of the Year’ for 2022.

Loo of the year at Dalton Park

Visitors to the North East’s largest outlet shopping destination can rest assured the facilities have been independently judged and meet the highest possible standard for ‘away from home’ washrooms.

The Loo of the Year Awards team sent a fully trained and authorised inspector to make an unannounced visit to all entries before they were officially graded.

Following this, we received a coveted Platinum award for our toilets for the seventeenth year running, as well as taking home the ‘Eco Loo of the Year’ award for the first time, in recognition of the most environmentally friendly toilets to be found across the country.

Richard Kaye, Dalton Park’s Centre Manager: “We try to uphold the highest standards in every aspect of the visitor experience here at Dalton Park, and that obviously includes our toilet facilities.“We were particularly pleased to claim ‘Eco Loo of the Year’ as our commitment to sustainability is part of what makes Dalton Park so special. We have water saving measures in all public toilets – and we’re now seeing a 77% saving on water usage since 2008.

“All toilets onsite are exceptionally clean, well equipped and welcoming to all, and it’s a pleasure to see this effort independently highlighted and celebrated by the Loo of the Year awards. You might even say we’re flushed with pride to be recognised in such a way and it’s a credit to our facilities team and the standards they keep”

Alongside our eco-friendly toilets, we also promote sustainability with our Pollinator Parks® Garden, 850 PV panels, EV charging points, motion-activated LED lighting, commitment to recycling, and 55 acres of parkland which provides a biodiverse habitat for a wide range of species to thrive.

We’re also home to ‘Changing Places’ facilities, which can be found in the Morrison’s superstore.