Quiet Shopping Mornings

Quiet Shopping Mornings

Tuesday 10th May 2022

Did you know we host regular Quiet Shopping Mornings every Tuesday from 10am to 12pm? The regular ‘Quiet Hours’ aim to create a more peaceful environment for shoppers that struggle with sensory overload.

The new initiative follows our involvement with Purple Tuesday, the UK’s first accessible shopping day. One of the things we learned from the actions we took for Purple Tuesday is that shopping should be an experience that everyone can enjoy and the introduction of our new quiet hour will ensure a much more peaceful environment for customers that react adversely to sensory and sound overload.

Music on the mall and in stores will be turned off to create a more autism-friendly experience and there will be no announcements during this time.

Quiet Shopping Mornings at Dalton Park will take place between 10am – 12pm every Tuesday.