We’re planting more trees at Dalton Park!

Thursday 2nd December 2021

This National Tree Week, we’re celebrating the fact that over 100 tree saplings will be planted across the parkland as part of an ongoing partnership with not-for-profit company Climate Action North.

Pupils from primary schools across the local community of Murton will help to plant a mixture of Hazel, Downy Birch, Goat Willow, Crab Apple, and Hawthorn saplings, which have been supplied by the Woodland Trust in Spring 2022.

The tree planting is the latest in a series of measures to improve the environment and restore nature at Dalton Park. We are already the first in the North of England to host a Climate Action North Pollinator Parks® garden, which is designed to provide a safe place for the struggling insect population.

Climate Action North’s Managing Director, Sharon Lashley, said: “It’s a pleasure to work with the team at Dalton Park who are fully committed to restoring nature and tackling the climate crisis.

“The tree planting is one of many climate actions we are taking to restore their outside areas. Tree planting is a vital part of natural-based solutions to help reverse the climate and environment breakdown and gives our native insects, birds, and other animals the food and shelter they need. Our approach ensures the tree planting is done correctly. We subscribe to the mantra “Plant the right tree, at the right time in the right place”, as established by our key project deliverer and ecologist Phil Macari of Wildcraft.”

The trees will be planted on Dalton Park’s 55 acres of landscaped parkland, which also has three wildlife trails for visitors to enjoy.

Centre Manager at Dalton Park, Jerry Hatch, said: “Tackling the climate crisis and restoring nature is a priority for us. We are proud to be playing our part by working with Climate Action North who have the right expertise to help us on our journey. We appreciate that planting the right tree, at the right time, in right place is critical to protecting our environment against the negative impact of climate change.

“By restoring our outdoor areas, we are introducing a beautiful, colourful, and welcoming landscape that our customers, staff, and retailers can enjoy, while providing a much-needed safe place for wildlife, pollinator insects and birds to rest and recoup.”

The school pupils will be rewarded with Climate Action North Global Wilders® badges for their part in planting the trees. The initiative is designed to inspire, encourage, and mobilise action during the climate crisis and will encourage the pupils to sow ‘pollinator-friendly’ wildflower seeds and take part in nature walks. The school will also apply to the Tree Council Young Tree Champions programme.

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