Solar Panels

Powering Dalton Park

Wednesday 28th July 2021

Did you know that we have two huge solar panels on the roof at Dalton Park? 

Installed in July 2018, the 850 PV panels generate energy which is fed back into public areas in the Centre.  Although the panels aren’t visible from the mall they’re making an impact in the amount of energy saved, and since being commissioned in 2018 the system has generated 532,151kWh of energy which is:

  • Enough to boil a kettle 4,837,736 times
  • Equivalent to the yearly electricity use of 139 average UK households
  • Would power 290 electric cars for the year
  • Would offset the same CO2 as planting 1,161 trees
  • Has saved 132.3 tonnes of CO2 eq. emissions

Dalton Park continually assesses sustainability initiatives of the Centre and stores.

We’ve recently launched a Pollinator Parks® Garden in partnership with Climate Action North. The garden area located near our M&S Outlet provides an important area for insect habitat, designed to attract bees, butterflies and more. Read more about our Pollinator Parks® Garden.