We’ve adopted a Christmas Reindeer team.

Friday 6th November 2020

We are delighted to announce there are six new members joining the team at Dalton Park this winter!
Following the news that the Christmas launch event won’t be going ahead this year due to Covid-19. With reindeers being a well-loved part of the festivities, we decided to adopt a ‘Christmas team’ of reindeer.
The six reindeers, from the Caingorm Reindeer Herd, are part of Britain’s only free-ranging herd of reindeer found in the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland. Over the months of November and December, the tame adult male reindeers of the herd go out and about on tour nationwide, increasing public awareness of the herd and raising funds to help to maintain their enviable lifestyle. Each individual reindeer will only do a couple of week’s work before returning back to their mountain home. Members of the herd have visited Dalton Park as part of our Christmas launch event every year since its opening.
Reindeer Herd
Because of this long-standing tradition, and because we will all miss their visit this year, the adoption felt like the right thing to do to help with the upkeep of our friends in the mountains.
As with many small businesses 2020 has been a tough one so if you would like to add a reindeer theme to your Christmas shopping it would be a great help to the herd. Over on their website you can also choose to adopt a reindeer or purchase some lovely reindeer-themed merchandise.
Our centre team have been working hard to ensure our Christmas grotto can go ahead, complying with strict safety guidelines. We still hope and plan on Santa’s grotto being able to open in December once lockdown restrictions lift. Details on Dalton Park’s Christmas grotto experience will be posted on the centre’s website as soon as we can.
You can view a video of last year’s Christmas launch event below and see the reindeer team in action!