Well-being with Bedeck

Tuesday 14th April 2020

In these uncertain times with such a daily bombardment of media coverage it’s so easy to let our minds wander into negative unrest. To help keep a healthy mind during these unprecedented times we have brought together some tips to maintain self care as we endeavor to move through the next period of our lives with restriction on so many social activities. Let’s stay connected, stay well and together we can weather the storm.

Look After Your Mental Well-Being

During The Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Rely on information from legitimate sources only
    Search for information that gives clear and reliable information. Misleading information from non-credible sources may cause heightened anxiousness during this uncertain time.
  • Too much news is bad for you
    Constant monitoring of the situation can intensify feelings of fear and panic. Limit exposure to media coverage along with updates on social media. Setting a limit to how much you read and watch within your daily routine allows you to refocus your mind to other activities.
  • Stay connected to those around you
    Talking, helping and listening to those around can help ease stresses during this time. A good support network helps bring a sense of comfort and stability.
  • It’s time to care about self-care
    Try to focus on things you can control and within reason maintain your daily routine. Eat healthy, sleep well, and find enjoyment in your hobbies and interests. Take time to walk, exercise or meditate, all helping to have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing.
  • Stay positive
    Stay positive and refocus. Look to the more positive stories surrounding Coronavirus, listen to the information from those who have recovered well, enjoy heart-warming stories of Italians singing from their balconies in a show of solidarity. A little light relief will align positive thinking.

10 Minute Daily Mindfulness

  • Breath in, Breath out. Feel the flow of your breath and relax
  • Empty the mind – take a few moments to be still
  • As soon as your mind wanders, bring it back to concentrating on your breathing
  • Practice non-judgmental listening
  • Get outdoors and walk around in fresh air
  • Forgive yourself for every negative thought
  • Be grateful, say thank you to nature, people and things
  • Go easy on yourself

Sleep Easy

  • Switch off devices
    The light transmitted by TV’s, ipads and mobile phones disrupts your circadian rhythm (the natural internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle which repeats in cycle every 24 hours)
  • Go dark
    Sleeping in a darkened room, or using a sleep mask lets the body know its time to rest. Resting in a darker non stimulating enviroment makes it easier to get to sleep.
  • Take note
    Before you sleep, write down any goals you wish to achieve the following day along with any worries or stresses you have. This helps to clear the mind before sleep, inturn helping you sleep better.
  • Say no to caffeine
    Drinking tea or coffee before bed affects the quality of your sleep and makes it harder to drift off. Swap to a decaffinated alternitive and sleep sound.
  • Seek Advice
    If you are having persistent difficulty sleeping its always best to speak to a doctor.