Meet Dalton our Mascot

Saturday 11th April 2020

Did you know that we have our very own Mascot at Dalton Park?
“Dalton” is a purple dragon covered in green polka dots and has been with us since the 55 acre Parkland beside the shopping outlet opened in 2004! Hopefully many of you have met Dalton already during one of his visits to the shops! You may also have your very own cuddly Dalton toy at home!
We understand that keeping the little ones entertained at the moment is difficult so Dalton has helped us put together lots of fun downloadables that can help fill part of a day!
Read the Story of Dalton
Colour in Dalton
Daltons Maze
Spot the difference
Word Search
We hope you find these usuful and if you do happen to have a Dalton toy at home, we would love you to send some photos to us that we can share on our social media channels.
or email them to customerservices@dalton-park.co.uk