Make it Yours with Levi’s

Tuesday 28th April 2020
Levi’s teamed up with Karla Welch, renowned stylist and founder of xkarla, to showcase how she likes to customize her Levi’s®.In one of her videos Karla applied an applique pocket to a pair of iconic 501® Originals.The team at Levi’s were so inspired, they created their own DIY version using paint instead of fabric.Follow the simple steps below to create your own accent-pocket jeans.


Gather your materials and set up your station. You’ll need a pair of Levi’s® jeans, masking tape, fabric paint, a narrow paint roller and tray, measuring tape and seam ripper. We recommend a drop cloth to protect your floors.


Lay your pants down so that the backside is facing up. Using your seam ripper, carefully remove the left back pocket from your jeans. This will replace the original pocket with a darker-wash pocket shape.


Following the lines around the pocket shape, use masking tape to define your paint area. Be sure to really press the tape into the denim for minimal paint bleed.


We used white fabric paint, but you can choose any color. Pour your paint into the paint tray and, using your roller, paint directly onto the denim inside the lines of the masking tape.


Let the paint fully dry and remove the tape for your finished look.


Content taken from the Levi’s “Off the Cuff” lifestyle blog. Check out more ways to customise your denim here