Create your own Great gift ideas with Denby

Wednesday 5th December 2018

If you would like to create a unique gift for someone this Christmas then we have a little idea for you using a simple rice bowl from Denby.

What you will need:

Wax Pellets
Wick holder
Craft sticks / lollipop sticks
Essential oils of your choice
Glue Dots
A Pyrex or heat proof jug
Oven Gloves / a thick tea towel
And not forgetting, a pretty Denbyrice bowl

Step by step guide:

Stick a wick holder to the bottom of your bowl with either a dot of glue or a glue dot. Insert the wick and pull it taught, winding it around the lollipop stick until it sits straight up the center of the bowl. Tape the wick to the lollipop stick and rest it on the top of the bowl.

Heat up your wax pellets slowly and carefully either using a bain-marie or simply by heating in the microwave. This will take around 10 minutes on full power but it’s good to stop it every now and again to stir. Once it is completely liquid, add your chosen essential oil. Try clementine, pine and frankincense for a gorgeous Christmassy aroma. You will need more drops of oil than you think -around 30. Pour into the bowl stopping at about 1cm from the top.

Let the candle cool and set completely then trim the wick so that it is about 2cm long.
Wrap your candle up and give with huge pride!
It’s worth noting that once the recipient has burnt their candle they can pop their bowl in the freezer overnight and the remaining wax should just pop out. Then they also have a lovely Denby bowl for Christmas too.