Promise Eight

Tuesday 15th May 2018

At Dalton Park, we have bolstered our energy saving credentials after investments in green technologies have already started delivering impressive results.
Electricity usage has dropped by 19 per cent since more than 340 lights were replaced with new energy efficient LED’s alongside a voltage optimisation system.
Meanwhile, 850 new solar panels are expected to deliver a CO2 saving of 36.5 tonnes over a 12 month period. The first three months after installation has delivered more energy than was required across communal areas.
The communal areas of Dalton Park are now powered by a combination of energy produced onsite from the solar panels and also from the National Grid.
The solar panes went live on 15 June and the lighting project in February.
We are delighted to see that investments from our landlord in green technologies are already paying dividends. The new LED light fittings have already reduced energy consumption which will lead to lowering occupational costs for retailers and reducing on-going maintenance. The voltage optimisation equipment also helps reduce energy use, power demand and reactive demand. It reduces our reliance on electricity drawn from the National Grid and as winter approaches it will be interesting to see more energy efficiencies.
The solar panel installation was carried out by Syzygy Renewables with EvoEnergy as the principal contractor. Offset Energy Management was the principle contractor for the LED lighting installation and appointed Matt:E to carry out the works.
Dalton Park’s energy saving credentials:

  • Solar panels are predicted to save 36.5 tonnes of CO2 over 12 months
  • LED lighting set to reduce CO2 footprint by 57% over 12 months
  • Voltage optimisation set to reduce CO2 footprint by 12% over 12 months
  • Electricity usage has dropped by 19% compared to 2017 as a result of the LED lighting and voltage optimisation project.

Janus Henderson UK Property PAIF, which is the fund within TH Real Estate that invests in Dalton Park, is committed to sustainable operations. Ainslie McLennan, Fund Manager at Janus Henderson Investors, said: “Energy efficient buildings are more attractive to tenants and are at lower risk of obsolescence. Our investment in sustainability initiatives at Dalton Park is a prime example of our focus on the importance of a sustainable approach to investing in the UK commercial property market.”