Da Do Run Run Run!

Friday 25th May 2018

Had a bad day? Just feeling washed out? Well here’s a little tip you might think strange – but true! Running makes you happier! Yes – put the Chablis back in the fridge along with those 5 mars bars – and join 1000’s of others who’ve found the secret of true happiness!
Just a 30 minute run at whatever pace you like will get those ‘endocannabinoids’ going (they’re your ‘feel-good’ hormones) – you’ll feel better, your mood will improve and you’ve got more chance of a good night’s sleep. And as you’ve burned off quite a lot of calories – you can also give yourself a ‘naughty’ treat without the guilt.
What’s more – the big running events are coming up – ‘Race for Life’ for Cancer Research UK is taking place all over the country this summer plus The Great North Run in September – so why not start building up to take part!
All you need is some good kit – and that’s where Dalton Park comes in. Dalton Park has one of the largest ranges of sportswear in the north east with world-class brands offering a superlative range of performance wear and shoes at up to 50% off the normal high street prices. So let’s get started!
Running Shoes – the ‘serious’ bit
Your most important purchase will be the correct running shoes. You’ve got to put your feet ‘first’ when it comes to running – so don’t borrow your friend’s trainers!
Make sure you get expert advice from companies such as New Balance at Dalton Park. New Balance is the UK’s leading sports shoe retailer and they’ll be able to advise on your ‘pronation’ which is the way your foot moves when walking or running and which side of your heel – or toe takes most of the ‘shock’. You’ll then be able to choose a ‘neutral’ or ‘supportive’ style depending on your gait. They’ll also recommend a 600 mile ‘service’ – so you’re not running in the same pair forever! New Balance also has a professional range of ‘off road’ trail shoes for hill walking and muddy terrains with reduced cushioning for enhanced tread. And for little runners there’s a range of cheeky and colourful mini-sized shoes. Good advice and a good pair of shoes at the outset will help avoid foot, leg and back problems. All available at up to 50% off the normal RRP.
Unique to adidas is the ‘boost’ running shoe featuring a cell structure midsole which boosts energy retention, is more responsive to your foot action and has ultra-comfort cushioning. Plus they have some amazing colours in store right now!
Running Kit and Accessories
Now for the fun part – choosing a top and shorts and some handy accessories. Although mostly known for kittin gpeople out for the great outdoors our Outdoorwear stores have great performance sports kit too. Trespass, Tog 24, and Regatta all have a whole range of stunning running kit including tops, sleeveless running vests, lite running gilets, pedometers and handy i-pod straps and belts for water.
So now you’re kitted out from foot to head it’s time to get running, get healthy, get happy!
And at these prices – it’s not only the running that will make you happy!