Roller Disco

Tuesday 15th August 2017

You can find the roller disco mini rink in front of the restaurants and will be open Thursday’s, Friday’s, Saturday’s 12pm – 6pm and Sunday’s 12pm – 5pm throughout the school summer holidays. With music and disco lights you wont be able to miss it!
Tickets cost £5 per session
A session lasts up to 45 minutes.
The price includes skate hire.
Look out for our loyalty cards – roller three times and get your 4th go FREE
(Offer also valid for groups of 4 people – only pay for 3).
For safety reasons if it rains then the rink will unfortunately have to close and we wont be able to re-open it until it is dry. If you are visiting specifically for the roller rink we advise you to call in advance to check that it is open.

Rules of the Rink:

  • Under 8 years old must be accompanied by and adult at all times
  • Under 16 must have a parent or guardian sign the disclaimer to allow them rink access.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted to be used during the event
  • Please skate in the direction as instructed by the stewards, do not skate against other skaters or across the rink.
  • No smoking or alcohol is permitted inside the rink area.
  • If you have not skated before we advise you stay close to the rink barriers on your first circuit.
  • If you fall, fall forwards and bring your hands off the floor. To get up put your hands on your knee and push yourself up. If you still can’t get up please ask a rink steward for assistance.
  • Do not crawl around the rink for the risk of your fingers getting skated over.
  • No skating linking arms with another skater, the only time this can occur is when you are helping another person to skate.
  • Please keep your skates on in the changing areas. Any skater we see skating outside of the rink area will be asked to stop skating immediately.
  • If you injure yourself or see another person injured please report this to a rink steward immediately.
  • Antisocial behviour will not be tolerated; anyone acting in this way will be asked to leave.

DISCLAIMER: Any sport activity involves an element of risk. By participating in this activity you do so at your own risk. by taking part Dalton Park and Independent Events take no responsibility for injury resulting from participation. By participating in this activity you accept this disclaimer and agree you have read the rules and fully understand the risks involved.