building knowledge

Building Knowledge

Monday 23rd May 2016

building knowledge
We were building knowledge when children from local Ribbon School in Murton recently enjoyed a special tour of Dalton Park’s Phase 2 development.
The visit was designed to give the children a general tour of the development, show how buildings are constructed, how sites are managed and how important health and safety is in the building process.
Wearing obligatory hard hats and hi-vis jackets the children were taken on an official tour by site officials from main building contractors Bowmer and Kirkland.
The new Phase 2 leisure extension is well underway with openings scheduled for Summer 2016.
Louise Thompson marketing manager was delighted to welcome the children to Dalton Park:“Phase 2 is going to be an important and exciting addition to life in our community as well as the region. It’s not often that children get the chance to see and learn about the building process, especially one this size with lots of components such as a cinema and a range of restaurants They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and can’t wait to come back when everything is open.”